LOTS of engine options, and there are some cool (cheap) experimental instruments out there LINK Scrounge a little, do some research, and you might pull it off for less than you think. Seb explained it had become apparent to the company that although few Zenith STOL owners were using the aircraft’s full capabilities – it’s an amazing machine, able to get airborne in around thirty metres – many prospective 750 purchasers had indicated that … They are similar in that each is non-LSA, are all metal, and have a Gross Weight of about 1800-1900 pounds. An experimental Zenith STOL CH 750, amateur built by David A. Muse, impacted trees shortly after takeoff from Franklin County Airport (UOS/KUOS), Sewanee, Tennessee. The 750 was introduced in 2009 to bring increased cabin width and broad visibility to the Sky Jeep, as its owners often call the model. They are different in that the S-21 seems to be designed for a balance of speed and decent STOL, whereas as the CH-750 Super Duty is all about STOL, and carries three. On September 16, 2020, about 1251 central daylight time, an amateur-built Zenith CH 750 airplane, N4744M, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident … I think likewise of the new Zenith CH-750 Super Duty. ... Safety board investigator Bruce Mullen called the plane a Zenair 710, but the RCMP have confirmed it was a Zenith STOL CH 750. The resulting fire was hot enough to melt most of the aluminum skin forward of the empennage, and the fire department estimated that it went on burning for 30 to 40 minutes. The accident site was perhaps a hundred yards from the southwest end of the lake. For your mission, I think it's a pretty good match. The crash happened shortly after 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Just wondering what the safety record is. I think the RANS S-21 is a great plane. The Zenith 750 is a pretty cool plane - just not a long X/C plane - or particularly pretty. The modern STOL CH 750 design is available as an easy-to-build kit which revolutionizes ease and simplicity of construction, drawing upon Zenith's decades of experience in the kit industry.. Amazing short take-off and landing (STOL performance); Surprisingly competitive cruise speed; Huge cabin, side-by-side seating, easy access *** New raised skylight and increased cabin height *** The sole pilot onboard received apparent minor injuries and the airplane sustained substantial damage Tenn-Air will show its first production STOL CH 750 LSA at the 20th anniversary Zenith Aircraft Company Open Hangar Day on Sept. 22. On August 11, 2018, about 1056 Pacific daylight time, an experimental, amateur built Zenith CH-750 airplane, N328SK, was substantially damaged during a forced landing near Napa County Airport (APC), Napa, California. Been looking for accident reports on zenith 701/750/801 can't find any, (probably don't know where to look) except I did see a comment in another forum about some fatal accidents that had supposedly happened due to wing detachments. NTSB Factual Report. The modern STOL CH 750 design is available as an easy-to-build kit which revolutionizes ease and simplicity of construction, drawing upon Zenith’s decades of experience in the kit industry.