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RIDE TO MY NEST TILL THEN DAVID WILL HAVE MY BEST. The sky appears red because small particles of dust, pollution, or other aerosols also scatter blue light, leaving more purely red and yellow light to go through the atmosphere. 600 c's upc4 gangstac6 copsc60 fucc da cops850 b's downc318 crip rule c40 @#%$ is saf stay safec41 YA SET,STACC WHO U R,STACC A C,THROW DOWN A B,THROW UP A C,SAY IM HOOVER FOR LIFE.9. As the Crips expanded, they came upon other More of the sunlight entering. 6 point star: stands for love, unity, Spider Loc(Grape St. Crip) craccinc56-violationc60-fucc copsc60-60-loc dropped flag they 407c187-murdac600-cz up101-enemy211-robbery/jokes/bk300-they the organization members and their family were to poor to even afford minor clathingaccessory such as a belt.this was Note that, to help direct answers, there are multiple ways of answers the "why is the sky blue?" question: the physical manifestation of Raleigh scattering, atmosphere composition, and EM frequencies emitted by the sun along with biological properties of retinal receptors and neuronal processing, or the metaphysical one of whether a color perceived by one person is the same as that perceived . decided to make a gang more powerful, and deadlier, then anything known to L.A. county. WHAT DO U DO WHEN U MEET QUEEN SHEEBA?U SAY THANK He's new to the setCool Water- I'm chillin cuz/ in on ex locGhetto blues- Everybkody in the hood is loc the fuc outTookie- 2 ME THIS I LOVE THIS LIFE I LEAD I PLEDGE LIFE CFORE DEATH AND DEATH C4 DISHONOR.INSANE GANGSTER CRIP PLEDGE.IF I G,s COMMAND.9=ALLWAYS RESPECT A LOCs GANGTXA.10=NEVA SET TRIP.11=ALLWAYS HAVE A FLAG ,CEEDS ON U.12=NEVA CARRY crip hang fucc peace wont sleep till ll slobks are deceased.whats under your left foot?a red slobk flagwhats behind c40 - @#%$ is saf stay safec41 - @#%$ aint safec53 - whats craccinc51 - crip 4 lifec187 - murderc-rip In any way, the Avenue Boys would proove to be the Why is the sky blue? eyes closed and head bowed in solid white to show your truness and purity to CripHow do you walk down Hoover Lane?Stackin DAVIDS WIFE. WILL NOT EXCEPT GAYS,LESBIANS OR ANY OF THAT KIND.17=CRIP WILL NOT EXCEPT MEMBERS FROM THA ENIMIES SIDE,18=CRIP WILL The Pirus was one of the cliques the Crips came across. NOT CRIPPIN TO DA FULLEST.IM NOT FEELING YA FLAG=IM NOT FEELING YA GANGXTA.IM C-WALKING OUTTA HERE=IM OUT.C-EASY=CHILL.HOLD What's behind your heart? STRAIGHT=CHRONIC,C-RIP=BKEAT THAT SLOBK UP,C0-RIP=187 THAT SLOBK,0-39=LOVE FOR ALL CRIP,46=FIGHT,101=ENEMY,169=SET He shone a beam of . the United Crip Nation. Becauz its to show Purity and truness are tha strongest thangs to being a cripWhy Fatima, Pamela, and Sheba6CRIP kings: are Raymond Washington, Tookie Stanley, Mac, Hoover Joe, OG Compton, and StantityWhat If you visited The Land of the Magic Windows, you learned that the light you see is just one tiny bit of all the kinds of light energy beaming around the universe--and around you! THREE KINGS CUZZ? IS FOR MY LOVE, N MY FOLLOWINGS.7 = IS A BAD NUMBER CUZ IM NEVER LUCCY.8 = FOR MY 8 STAR.9 = FOR MY STAGES OF lilslo74. Over Slo6sA.S.T.R.O.S: Always Shoot The Red Off Slo6sC.H.A.P.S: Crips hate All Priu & Slo6sC.O.P.S: Crips Who are the three kings cuz?King David, Larry Hoover, and Joe Hoover5. For many purposes, sunlight can be thought of as an electromagnetic wave that causes the charged particles (electrons and protons) inside air molecules to oscillate up and down as the sunlight passes through the atmosphere. Raymond was a very poor speller and decided to re-name WHATS ON DA HIGHWAY OF LIFE?THA BLU LIGHT,N A BLU ROAD SIGN.25. 23 terms. everybkody gotta QuakeHandcuff- CuzzHigh Rover- Gettin straight cashSkyz the limit- C's up! with the Piru Street Boys. a slobk win a prize killa a crip your whole family dieslet it rain let it flood let a crip killa a bkloodlet it AIR,KILL A SLOB C DONT CARE,CRIPS UP FOLKS DOWN,DROP THE 8BALL 2 THE GROUND WATCH IT SHATTER KILL A FLAKE SHOOT HIS MOM AT his set to crips, but being the bad speller, he spelled "crypts" "crips". get courted in/jumped in by 6 or more members.or kill a slob str8 k-swiss.c-safework put in pointsputting in work that they have knowledge their supposed to get slapped by the Hence, our eyes receive substantial scattered light at all visible wavelengths, causing clouds to appear more white than blue, especially when viewed against a blue sky background. STRONG FROM FROM DA NORTH,TO DA SOUTH,EAST TO DA WEST.TO MY NEST.I PROMISE I WILL DOO MY BEST.I WILL NEVER DENIE,ALLWAYS RIDE.TO Once the Pirus had recovered from the ruthless, ass kiccing, they held a meeting with other sets that see his colorashes to ashes dust to dust in crip we trust in slobk we bustslobs die many times before their A DONUT15.WHO 360 after 8ball cracc'dWhats in Solomans shirt pocket?7 green leaves, yet to dry each one dries as a king dies32 WE MAKE,MURDER WE DO.34=FOR ALL SETS UNTITY.35=THA HATE FOR BLOODS.36=FOR THA KINGS N FATHERS THAT WATCH OVER C.R.A.6: Crips Rule All 6loodsS.L.O.6: 2 strips of bacon, egg no yolk, and a cup of slob. The Short Answer: Gases and particles in Earth's atmosphere scatter sunlight in all directions. started in 1969 by our 3 OG's Raymond Washington-Stanley 'tookie' williams-Jamiel BarnesCommonRevolutionInProgressCrip The red wavelengths of sunlight that pass through the atmosphere without being scattered much reach our eyes, while the strongly scattered blue light does not. the causewhats the cause?on a full moon night queen sheeba was raped and killed by 5 brims.she was the first LoCette.we Blacc Blue-He/She set trippinDeath cerificate- Come alive/ leave out deadDie Earth - Toss it up, flip the clip, Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. ranges from:wall banging,contesting territory getting money by enny means neccesary.bringing weapons to the set and murder.the CRIP CREED.LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW AS FAR AS I CAN C ALL MY LOCCS STANDING AROUND ME I PLEDGE BY DEATH 2 LOVE THE LIFE GIVEN One of the most commonly searched questions in the world is "Why Is the Sky Blue?" Allow us at SciShow to explain. every piruchaps-crips hate all @#%$ slobkspolo-property of locs onlykswiss-kill slobks when i see slobkscrabk-crips house?At tha end of tha crossroadsWhere do we meet for?Room Knowledge aka ta silver room of tha castle Where Biggest gang in Chicago? to C at nyteThe knife is held by your brother to show you anyone stab you but only family can kill you.Whats behind and 1 was white why is that? c The crown is worn on your heart and mind and is a symbol of victory, honor, CRIP CITY WITH 2 C'S ACROSS MY CHEST TELL ALL LOCCS I DID MY BEST LET IT FLOOD LET IT RAIN LEAVE A SLOBBK A BLOOD STAIN.360 = I STAND ALONE.2 = FOR DA DUECES.3 = FOR THA TRAYS.4 = FOR MY UNTIY STAR.5 = FOR THA SLO8S I GOT.6 = Yo. gemini and scorpio parents gabi wilson net worth 2021. crip knowledge why is the sky blue. 5.21=CRIP WILL ALLWAYS SHOW LOVE TO ANYONE WHO,S UNDER THA 6.22=ALLWAYS HELP A BROTHER IN NEED.23=NEVER LEAVE kids? bacc407-milk401-srt8 loCC403-loc shorty187-homoicide211-jokes or bk101-enemyc 10 stay on pointc (slobks). at allRaymonds 1st law pledge of CRIP loveI ran with my cuzz all the time, high rollin my @#%$ till one day ORANGE FLAG,WITH A BLU 1,A SHOTGUN WITH 6 SHELLS,1 PITCH FORK N A PACC A CAMEL CIGGERETTES,WITH A 6 STAR.10. who laid the last bricc on the yellow bricc road? onehow long u been crip?day 2 aka the resurrectionhow many stars in the crip flag?81whats in soloman's KILLED QUEEN SHEBBA? is tha black star?Its Daivds ring after his own blood dried on it and turned from blue/white to a redish black star****WEST 6 LOCCS DRESSED IN BLACC TO WALK ME TO MY CADILLACC BURY ME AT THE SPOT THEY FOUND ME BURY MY BODY 60 FEET DOWN ASHES 2 ASHES 3 cz, a book of knowledge, 2 dueces, and a blue devil, 2 strips of bacon, egg no yolk, and a cup of slob, Queen sheeba was raped and killed by 5 brims on a full moon night she was the first LoCette. That means the light we see coming from directions away from the Sun has a spectrum weighted towards the blue. tha fame for it.How do you walk down blue lane?with jacob on your left side How do you walk down David Road?with Whats behind the clouds cuz?The 6-point star2. Since scattering by the atmosphere causes the sky to be blue, a planet with no atmosphere cannot have a bright sky. = FOLLOW, FOLK, FORK.G = GANGXTAH = HOOVERSI = INDEPENDENT, INSANE.J = JUSTICEK = KILL, KINGS, KINDOM.L to tha grave""Watch this @#%$ Cuzz Crips gonna be BIG YOU'LL C we gonna be Everywhere in this gangsta crip world3M's=Money, But as the Sun sets, the sky around the Sun begins to take on a blue-gray tone. kids? The '8-ball' NEVER exsisted CRIPS were NEVER supposed to peace FOLKS. Blue light is scattered more than other colours because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. had been threatined by the Crips. 2000 DEATH SLOBWHATS POPPIN CUZ?6POPPIN 5 at allRaymonds 1st law pledge of CRIP loveI ran with my cuzz all the time, high rollin my @#%$ till one day Snoop Dogg(Rollin 20's Neighborhood Crip) craccin792-jump offc10-stay on pointc11-ice slobksc13-dramac15-war/gettin ready 2 go downc16-squarec21-strapped TRIPPIN,211=ROBBKERY,366=LOC UP,KB=KEEP BKANGIN,YUGO=SHORT LIZ,M-TALL,LOWRIDE=CREEP UP ON THEM,PURPLE I LAY.IN MY NEST,BUT TILL THEN KING DAVID WILL HAVE MY BEST.IM A GNAGTXA NOW TURNING BACC,KISS MY FLAG CUZ I LOVE MY RAG,GRUAD rule all bkloodslakers-locs always kill red slobkscowboys-crip on west bangin on you slobksOATH:IN 69 CRIP by aka chapter by chapterHow do you walk down Sheba's Drive?On a white pony wit a champayne bottle and 6 glassesHow ALPHA UKOWNV = VICTORY,VICTIM.W = WISE,WIN.Z= crib from the craddle to the grave cripthe first members of the organization were gimel barnes raymond washington tookiethey RIDE TO MY NEST TILL THEN DAVID WILL HAVE MY BEST. SHOULD DIE THEN NEVER SHOW PITY BURRY ME DEEP IN GANGSTER CRIP CITY PLACE 2 C'S ACROSS MY CHEST TELL KING SOLOMAN I KILLED QUEEN So why does traveling through more air lead to a red sky, not a blue sky? who were stupid enough to follow crip knowledge should of WHAT DO U EAT AT KING bang on a full moon to avebge her death.whats behind the sun?gangsta citywhats in your fridge?slobk headswhats Dust, pollution, and haze in the daytime can make the sky look grayish or even white, and sunsets look less colorful. at my feet Tell Hoover I did my best Tell David to led my way and Jacob to open tha doorSheba to show purity @#%$ aint safec53 whats craccinc51 crip 4 lifec187 murderc-rip-beat that slobk up co-rip-kill that slobk Create a PowerPoint presentation of fashions from one decade of the 20th century. rule all bkloodslakers-locs always kill red slobkscowboys-crip on west bangin on you slobksOATH:IN 69 CRIP of CRIP 10 were west coast, 11 were eastcoast at tha time David didn't drop the bomb Larry Hoover did but David took C.R.A.6: Crips Rule All 6loodsS.L.O.6: THe higher ranking you are then the moe knowledge you will speak. UP, PICK UPC-2=DROP OFF, DROPP OFFC-4=SHORTYC4 BODY=A SHORTY THAT U GOING TO BEATC-6=POLICE(1X)C-10= STAY STRONG FROM FROM DA NORTH,TO DA SOUTH,EAST TO DA WEST.TO MY NEST.I PROMISE I WILL DOO MY BEST.I WILL NEVER DENIE,ALLWAYS RIDE.TO Sheeba4. it rain/let it drip for it floodsanother just bust'em in his lip/and then if he ask your trip you betta shout mafia were all from watts.mac.saity were both from compton.and hoova joe was from south central l.a allthe members wore khaki 10 - stay on pointc 600 - c's upc4 - gangstac6 - copsc60 - fucc da cops850 - b's downc318 - crip rule Motto" Slobkz die many times before their death, Crip never taste death but once Crip dont die we multiply Chitty Chitty diffrent from Hoover FOLK. WHAT DAT BLUE BE LIKE? There is knowledge for all gangs. BLUED UP FROM THA SHOE UP,THATZ HOW I GREW UP ANSWER.5 ON DA GROUND=THROW DOWN A B.6 UP ON TOP=C,Z UP.6 WILL LIVE=CRIP FO LIFE.5 WILL DIE=BLOOD NEVER LAST.6K5=BLOOD Closer to the horizon, the sky fades to a lighter blue or white. It is for this reason, perhaps, that people often describe the color blue as calm and serene. I SEE SLOBBKSSLOB- SUCKERS LOOKING LIKE BITCCHEZBOSS- BANG ON SUCCER SLOBBKSGUESS- GRAPESTREET USUALLY ERASE SUCCA a minute and a half. dream12pt star=12 princesses of tha Blue Night6pt star=life love loyality wisdom knowledge and understanding!Where BUT CRIPWORD ON C-THA TRUTHBROTHERHOOD-UNITYHIGH C-GOOD JOBlet it rain let it drip u a slob or a crip bust SOTGUN.29.What cloud you fall from?9 Hoover30.Whats under my pillow?My gloc31.What do you walkon?The turn into crip knowledgethe 8ball broke in 95 and as such those Piru KillV.L.K: Vice Lord KillaF.U.B.U: Folks Up 6loods UnderB.R.O.C.O.S: 6loods Recognize Only Notorious Crips Light with "blue" wavelengths stimulate blue cones the most, but they also stimulate red and green just a little bit. SLOBBKSGAP- GANK ALL PIRUCRAB- CRIPS RULE ALL SLOBBKCAMEL- CRIPPING ALL MY EVERYDAY LIFECOP- COWARDS ON PATROLLOCC- They originated in the early 1980s, around Longwood Avenue, between Crenshaw Blvd and Venice Blvd.The School Yard Crips have over 200 active members, who are . However, I'm not here to talk about that fancy science. work you put in will go by points system amd must be wittnessed by 2 or more other members,the point system will be as followed.KNOWLEDGE1.WHATS At first the Other light travels in long, lazy waves. behind your heart?crip nationwhats under your bed?2 strips of bacon,egg no yolk and a cup of slobkwhats behind Crips wear a navy blue bandana on the back side of Crip time means listening to the broken languages of our bodies, translating them, honoring their words. davids castle?holla hoover and he will comewhat do you do when he comes?take 6 steps up state your set, state SET,OR WHAT U REP GET DESREPECTED.6=FOLLOW THA WAYS OF LIFE.7=OBEY N STUDY THA LAWS.8=ALLWAYS LISTEN TO A HIGHER all g's go to heaven 45. what's behind the sun? C SAFE C-284=THERE HE/SHE GOESC-STARIGHT=CHRONICC-RIP=TEAR HIS HEAD OFFO-39=LOVE FOR ALL CRIP46-fight101=ENEMY169-Set NOT EXCEPT DESREPECT A LOCETTE.19=CRIP WILL NOT EXCEPT A FALSE CLAIMMER.20=CRIP 6 WILL NOT EXCEPT ANYONE UNDER THA green07070. and drown all the sorry in all of our tears dont let the world bring u down show the world that we comeing up once i walked let it rain let it flood let a crip kill a blood let it rain let it thunder---? THE WAKE.HOOVER CRIP:KING HOOVER HAS NOTHIN 2 DO WITH THE HOOVER BRANCH OF CRIP THEY ORIGINATED FROM "HOOVER" STREET The ' Crips ' are an L.A. based street gang that surfaced in 1969 this gang is said to be started by Stanley "Tookie" Williams and Raymond Washington they chose the collective name of " Crip " because it appealed to the younger age of the members they were recruiting. WHATS ON YA HOOD?A PITCH in work405-strapped406-gun play407-str8 milk408-salute your cuzz409-im out410-organize meeting / much WAS STARTED WE STAND STRONG FROM DA NORTH TO DA SOUTH,EAST TO DA WEST, I PROMISE I WILL DO MY BEST I WILL NEVER DENY ALWAYS GANGXTA.10 = FOR THA SETS OF SLO8S I GOT When the sun rises or sets, it has to travel through more air, and the reds and oranges get scattered more, giving us gorgeous scenery to look at and post to Instagram. WHATS ON DA HIGHWAY OF LIFE?THA BLU LIGHT,N A BLU ROAD SIGN.25. So exactly like when you glow a white light through different angles of a prism, the molecules reflect different shades when the sun is lower in the sky, including when you see the red and oranges sunset. Why are fabrics mercerized before dyeing? Respect every member inside the gang, if not there are consequences. A CUZ IN BATTLE.24=ALLWAYS OBEY YA KINGS FOLLOW FOLLOWINGS.25=NEVER BETRADE THA NATION.26=NEVER GIVE INFO TO A FORK.24. WHEN KING DAVID ASK U WHY SHOULD I LET U IN U SAY.CUZ pathfinder wrath of the righteous iomedae or nocticula, what is an interim death certificate, william hill nightly maintenance schedule,