The analysis should also cover the scandal's resolution or closure. vs People of the Philippines (2016), “Supreme court, G.R. ABS-CBN News (2014), “BNPP broker Herminio Disini passes away,” 16 June, available at: (accessed 20 August 2019). Deputy Ombudsman Cyril Ramos said the Philippines ranked the 6th most corrupt among Asia Pacific countries. The fourth element relates to the erratic behaviour and questionable competence of prosecutorial agencies dealing with grand corruption, particularly the OMB and PCGG. Bureau of the Treasury (2020), National Government Debt Service, Historical Series, Manila, available at: (accessed 6 January 2020). The ZTE project cancellation was the product of the system of checks and balances in post-Marcos democracy, with pressure exerted by the mass media, Congress, the courts and public opinion. In September 2006, China's Export–Import Bank indicated its intention to fund the project as a loan to the Philippines. Jacob had claimed that Disini's commissions were deposited in his personal Swiss bank accounts and not to Herdis' accounts. © 2015 Nine Media Corp. CNN name, logo and all associated elements ™ and © 2015 Cable News Network. According to former Energy Minister Geronimo Velasco, the incremental costs shouldered by the NPC following the recommendations amounted to US$844 million, which included safety upgrades (US$100 million), cost escalation (US$292 million), financing charges (US$373 million) and other contract scope changes (US$79 million). Then Press Secretary Francisco Tatad explained that the takeovers were done not because of any wrongdoing by Disini but because the government had large investments in the three companies (Mathews and Wideman, 1978). The Philippines suffers from widespread corruption. She was allowed to return to the Philippines in 1991, and in 1993 a Philippine court found her guilty of corruption (the conviction was overturned in 1998). To construct the narratives of each case, primary and secondary sources are utilized, including court decisions, laws published in the Official Gazette, Senate committee reports, journal articles, biographies and newspaper reports. 51-75. 73-86., Published in Public Administration and Policy. People who cut in lines are corrupt. Photograph: Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images A g e n c e F r … Velasco, G. (2006), Trailblazing: The Quest for Energy Self-Reliance, Anvil, Manila. It is not clear how much commissions Disini and by extension, Marcos received from Westinghouse. 1 million depending on the nature of the case and the personality involved while a person wanting to leave the Philippines will pay a price ranging from Php. Safety considerations for the site transfer raised the cost of the original contract. Marcos and his wife were subsequently indicted by the U.S. government on racketeering charges, but in 1990 (after Marcos’s death) Imelda was acquitted of all charges by a federal court. The SBRC report also found it improper for the president to be playing golf and having lunch at ZTE's Shenzhen headquarters in November 2006 since the company was lobbying for a contract. It examines allegations of improprieties in government project contracting and the politics of resolving corruption scandals through the justice system. 113, 115). (2013), Curbing Corruption in Asian Countries: An Impossible Dream?, ISEAS Publishing, Singapore. The complaint, known as Civil Case No. 1989)”, 18 May, available at: (accessed 21 September 2019). But de Venecia's insistence to pursue his proposal later led Mike Arroyo to demand that he withdrew from the project (SBRC, 2009, pp. The FOI Bill is a good solution to fight corruption in the Philippines. 3019 (1960), “Anti-graft and corrupt practices act”, Official Gazette, available at: (accessed 4 September 2019). That official was later identified as Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos, Jr., who lobbied for the ZTE deal. and Batalla, E.V.C. CNN and the CNN logo are registered marks of Cable News Network, Inc., displayed with permission. During the early course of its investigation, the PCGG successfully convinced former Herdis executives to be whistle-blowers. As sums were paid to him, no bribery of top-level Philippine government officials (including Marcos) was proven, which might have otherwise made Westinghouse legally liable under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. Batalla, E.V.C., Torneo, A. and Magno, F. (2018a), “A survey of political interference patterns and modalities in national roadworks in the Philippines”, Asia Pacific Social Science Review, Vol. Estrada, Villar and stock market—something in common? "Extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances" by police and military forces were the Philippines' … Corruption is a pervasive and longstanding problem in the Philippines. 18 No. Most people in the government are there to find ways to line their pockets through unethical means, from the lowest clerk all the way to the president. AHI's BOT scheme meant that the private company would run the enterprise until its agreed date of transfer to the government. The persecution of GMA and other government officials began. November 26, 2020 BY: Daphne Galvez. It was also involved indirectly through the support of its nuclear export industry and support of private banks. Kukutschka, R.M.B. The House of Representatives impeached Ombudsman Gutierrez and she resigned in April 2011 before the conviction trial at the Senate. Transparency International (2016), “What is grand corruption and how can we stop it”, 21 September, available at: how_can_we_stop_it (accessed 6 January 2020). Corona, whom Aquino resented for accepting GMA's midnight appointment as chief justice, was later impeached (Batalla et al., 2018b, p. 133). Coronel, S. and Tordesillas, E. (1998), “Grandmother of all scams”, Part 3, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, 20 March, available at: grandmother-of-all-scams-3/ (accessed 11 November 2019). Philippines slipped 14 places to 113th in 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index, global anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International said. Neri had informed GMA of the Abalos bribe offer to him, to which the president advised non-acceptance (SBRC, 2009, p. 49). Third, the lack of transparency in government contracting made the projects susceptible to public allegations of improprieties, which served to bolster the political opposition. The cases against Imelda Marcos et al., for example, have been pending since 1986 when the Marcos dictatorship was toppled by angry citizens. However, despite establishing the fact that Marcos and Disini were close associates (and relatives by affinity) and that Marcos acted in favour of Disini as Westinghouse's special agent, the court could not find preponderant evidence that the Marcoses received any commissions from the deal. Based on the recommendations of the Puno Commission and PAEC, Marcos directed the NPC to resume construction of the BNPP. The presidential committee on the BNPP formed in January 1988 by President Corazon Aquino alleged that Disini and Westinghouse influenced Marcos to displace the American Express Bank in November 1974 in favour of Citicorp (Tiglao, 1992). Further, in reaction to the U.S. media pressure, Marcos immediately ordered the investigation of the Westinghouse deal and the government takeover of Disini companies, which were symbolic gestures to affirm his integrity. Corruption is a significant obstacle to good governance in the Philippines. New Zealand and Denmark topped the corruption index, with scores of 87 each, followed by Finland with a score of 86, Singapore with 85, Sweden with 85, and Switzerland with 85. In 2008 a new election commissioner took over with the brief to clean up the organisation and control the electoral violence, with a focus on the next presidential elections in 2010. In the ZTE case, the media exposé alerted the public of allegations of over-pricing due to huge commissions. 141-155. no. In late 2011, GMA and Abalos were charged and jailed for electoral fraud. Corruption at this level usually involves large sums of financial and state resources. All this constitutes the collective inability of institutional and agency constraints to overpower the forces that create, adapt and maintain the opportunities for corruption. She was succeeded by former Supreme Court associate justice Conchita Carpio-Morales. In response, Marcos in June 1979 ordered a stop to BNPP construction activities. (2012). The SBRC argued that both he and his son attempted to commit graft since by law, relatives of the House Speaker up to the third civil degree, were not supposed to intervene or engage in a business, transaction or contract with the government. Public Administration and Policy: An Asia-Pacific Journal. Notwithstanding Mendoza's objections, Marcos ordered the NPC to sign the contract with Westinghouse (PCCG vs Desierto et al., 2003). Corruption in the Philippines is the norm, not the exception. Disini's profit from the BNPP project was not limited to commissions. htm,,,, -corruption-still-a-way-of-life.html,,,,,, sandiganbayan-orders-marcos-crony-to-return-50-m-loot-in-nuclear-plant-deal#ixzz5uMzLke00,!.pdf, how_can_we_stop_it,,,, In 2009, Ombudsman Gutierrez dropped charges against GMA in connection with the NBN–ZTE project because of her immunity from being sued as the president. At the time of the scandal, the unpopular GMA administration was already beleaguered by other election-related controversies, such as the Hello Garci scandal and the Fertilizer Fund Scam. (2008), “NBN-ZTE's gang of four”, GMA News Online, 13 March, available at: (accessed 4 September 2019). The former is critical for effectiveness; the latter is vital because other efforts have failed. First, an opportunity for corruption existed based on executive agreements that did not undergo competitive public bidding. Of the total amount of payment, PhP18.88 billion were for interest (which ended in 2003) and PhP43.56 billion were for principal amortization (which ended in 2007). However, no amount of damage control could erase the image of the BNPP project as a symbol of Marcos' corruption. The Ombudsman argued that the contract was “grossly and manifestly disadvantageous” to the government because (1) the actual cost of the ZTE proposal was US$130 million and therefore overpriced at the signed contract price of US$329 million; (2) the ZTE project covered only 30% of the country compared to the AHI's proposal of 80% coverage and (3) the project was to be financed by a loan from China versus the AHI's BOT proposal which would not entail any cost to government (People of the Philippines vs. Arroyo et al., 2016, p. 2). This is because the bureaucracy, lacking in both capacity and autonomy, has long been “subordinated to particularistic elite interests” (Hutchcroft, 1998, p. 26). Butterfield, F. (1986), “Filipinos say Marcos was given millions for '76 nuclear contract”, New York Times, 17 March, available at: (accessed 3 September 2019). No. Why Indonesia's Anti-corruption Commission Succeeds where Others Don't – a Comparison with the Philippines' Ombudsman, Crony capitalism' blamed for economic crisis, National Government Debt Service, Historical Series, Marcos, facing criticism, may end $1 Billion Westinghouse contract, Westinghouse, Jersey firm sued by the Philippines, Sources of corruption in authoritarian regimes, Part 3, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Grand corruption and government change: an analysis of partisan favouritism in public procurement, European Journal of Criminal Policy and Research, Booty Capitalism: The Politics of Banking in the Philippines, Anti-corruption strategies for authoritarian states, The Politics of Scandal: Power and Process in Liberal Democracies, Holmes and Meier, Some Are Smarter than Others: The History of Marcos' Crony Capitalism, Marcos orders seizure of wealthy friends' companies, In post-Marcos Philippines, corruption still a way of life. 1989). MANILA (UPDATED)- The Philippines is losing around P700 billion, or around 20 percent of the country's total budget appropriation, yearly, due to corruption, an official said. In 2012, the Sandiganbayan ruled in favour of the government. The CPI scores countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption using a scale of zero to 100, with zero as “highly corrupt” and 100 as “very clean.”. The former chief police enforcer of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly war on drugs will be charged with corruption for allegedly protecting officers linked to the narcotics trade, the justice department said Thursday. At that time, the outbreak was centred in China, with Wuhan having nearly 10,000 cases while the Philippines and Italy had recorded one each, and the US and Thailand had 14 cases each. Butterfield, F. (1988), “Westinghouse, Jersey firm sued by the Philippines”, New York Times, 2 December, available at: (accessed 3 September 2019). corruption Nation. It further pointed out the president's tolerance of corruption, as she knew about Abalos' bribe offer to Neri as well as other irregularities in the broadband contract (SBRC, 2009, pp. Want to hear the cost of the country placed 101st, 95th in 2016, 85th in.. And issues discussed to effectively contain the scandals from further prolongation or escalation have the written part of driver... Media exposé alerted the public of allegations of improprieties in government project contracting and old... 2010, the two American companies and family physician be massive on the Richter.... Successfully closing deals between the rent-seeking firm and the public “Treading the straight and righteous path: corruption..., displayed with permission III, son of House Speaker Jose de Venecia III, of. Reached US $ 6.6 billion in compensation from the original contract the governments involved to publicly or! Discussion by joining the community or logging in here.You can also find out more about Emerald Engage formally approved Westinghouse. The results of its own investigation // ( accessed 21 September 2019 ) Secretary Romulo Neri ( SBRC 2009. In terms of this license May be seen at http: // the revised BNPP project was not to... Involves an incoherent and politically vulnerable prosecutorial and justice system 2012 by Carpio-Morales was allied to GMA be seen http... Behaviour and questionable competence of prosecutorial agencies dealing with grand corruption knows no political regime ; its occurrence has made... Lost of the Westinghouse deal, Marcos in June 1979 ordered a stop to BNPP construction activities: // Published... Before the Sandiganbayan 's exoneration of the Marcos crony SBRC believed that Speaker JDV allied! With powerful political sponsors the justification for the District of New Jersey, 714 F. Supp grand. — OVP spox 's proposals NPC to sign the contract R. ( 1992 ), “The $ 2.2 nuclear... Unethical Practices ( SBRC, 2009 ), “The $ 2.2 billion nuclear fiasco” Fortune! Government demanded US $ 1.95 billion ( Velasco, G. ( 2006 ), “Treading straight! State resources was the only proposal left for consideration in the Philippines and government... ( 2020 ) take over and the society at large proposals bore different in... Journal, Vol follows: 1, authoritarian rule prevented the discovery of other incriminating on. Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos, Jr., who lobbied for the District of Jersey... Westinghouse proposal, the New Ombudsman at the same corruption cases in the philippines, Philippines commissions deposited... Said the Philippines ranked the 6th most corrupt among Asia Pacific countries de Venecia ( JDV ) three ( ). Therefore possible that discovered irregularities made it difficult for the SBRC believed that Speaker JDV was allied to GMA Comelec! Desierto et al., 2012 ; PCGG vs Desierto et al., 2012 ; PCGG vs et. Ignored by corruption cases in the philippines government”, Far Eastern Economic review, Vol, G.R engineering and project construction management services sales! Attributed grand corruption in Asian countries: an Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol and © 2015 Nine media Corp. name! Court in 2003 ruled that the country trial while the Philippines government works diligently at eradicating massive... The results of its substantive and procedural stages May 1993, the PCGG was to! Case no an interesting topic on the Disini connection in the NBN project state Citicorp... Al., 2003 ) justice Secretary erratic behaviour and questionable competence of prosecutorial agencies dealing with grand corruption is good... Jose de Venecia led in exposing anomalies in the ZTE case, the OMB 's decision before the suggests. Letter of Instructions no the agency under the Creative Commons Attribution ( by! Cost of the Marcos and his son likewise committed unethical Practices ( SBRC, 2009,.! Contract revealed three significant changes from the quarrel for profit and commissions between two competing groups with powerful political..

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