(Basic PAY+DA) deductor? SHALL I DEDUCT THE LICENCE FEE OF GOVT ACCOMMODATION FROM MY INCOMEFOR THE PURPOSE OF INCOME TAX? HRA deduction allowed? Regards 3) 50% of Salary (Basic+Bonus). can it be exempted from income tax ? Kindly advise, how can I claim the HRA? so Is it required to submit rent agreement to claim HRA? THANK YOU. Ft., Amenities, Offers, Photos, and more. Tell me weather my employer is correct or not if yes what rule of IT exists, my basic is 16000 and HRA is 8000, I pay rent 9000, but no receipt and pay by cash. Dear sir , I am govt.employee,residing in my father’s owned house at Delhi and paying rent for that.unfortunately, my father expired on 28/01/2014. I am a Government servant and purchased a property availing Home loan. 6,80,000 2.how much amount are eligible for HRA, My salary is 45000/- Rent paid (24000- 10% of basic salary 12820) 11880/-, Hence Your Maximum exemption is 11880/- & Taxable Amount is 5000( 16880-11880). I live in a small town.please answer me along with the calculation.Thanks. 2. housing loan took in the name of myself only. I have lease accommodation provides by bank . Hra250123000 0 Salary outstanding ₹ 1,000 and insurance prepaid ₹ 800. Again, emoluments of the period during which rental accommodation is not occupied in the previous year are left out of computation. But if the amount you are claiming is more than Rs. c) In “Salary / Pension” in “ii” Total .. –. how do you caculate the HRA for employees. Not admissibleNot admissible (x) Deputation outside India Can I show rent what i am getting from my own house as wife’s income ? 3,000 per month, no proof is needed. there need of rent reciept given to my I am government employee and resides in a rented house but paid on my wife’s name and my wife is a housemaker. Now, when i submitted my tax calculation sheet from A to current employer (B), in support of previous employment income, HRA exemption was only given to me for current employment period (Sep 13 – Mar 14), even though i submitted rent receipts and rental agreement for Apr 13 – Aug 13. My deductor is not filing eTDS for last 2&1/2 years.IT deducted from salary is not reflected in 26AS.Repeatedly I have made request to file eTDS.What shoul I do.CPC has send me demand notice twice in reply to my eRetuns? Can this be claimed as HRA benefit but getting the Rent Receipt from my Parents? what maxim amount without any paper (pan card) he show the amount it. DA : 23664/- Is that i can claim both. Dear Sir, My arrear salary for October 2013 to Feb 2014 was paid in April 2014, for which I had applied for relief. Benefits of individual health insurance plans offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance: Individuals aged 18 to 65 years are eligible for the plan. gp Yes you are able to claim stamp duty under section 80C & interest on Housing loan is claimed as losses from house property & Principal amount of housing loan repaid is also claim u/s 80C, subject to maximum amount of Rs 1,00,000/-. 80,000 He is eligible for 50 percent of the basic pay for HRA exemption. 6,00,000 But no H.R.A. (i ) Actually received from employer Can a salaried person get benefit on HRA ( house taken on rent ) and benefit on Home loan if yes , can we take benefit on Principal amount paid of home loan and Intt. HDFC has forwarded a cerificate reflecting how much out of this goes towards repayment of the principal. I am a government employee getting HRA working in Navi Mumbai. Sir By fake, I also meant rent shown higher than actual. Can I again claim deduction in my ITR.1 return by filling in the bracket meant for Sec.80GGm in the return form ? 8500 while Form 16 is made by the employer. As per Section 10(13A) of Income tax Act, 1961, as extracted, “Any special allowance specifically granted to an assessee by his employer to meet expenditure actually incurred on payment of rent (by whatever name called) in respect of residential accommodation occupied by the assessee, to such extent as may be prescribed38 having regard to the area or place in which such accommodation is situate and other relevant considerations. what is basis salary here? I am working as a teacher and also my wife is working as a teacher. I’m staying at one flat on rent for some duration. Your email address will not be published. If I paid House rent Rs.3800.00 p/month is there need rent receipt given to my D.D.O. 3. *Note: Benefits mentioned below might vary from plan to plan, and are subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions. if yes then what the limit for submitting rent agreement. I want to know whether his rent amount per year is deducted from total income for the exemption of IT ? Sir, And can I claim for HRA deduction. 1, My Pay 10970+GP 3300 +DA 10274 pm. can i claim water bill from tax because im staying at rented house. Can I take both the rents for calculating HRA exemption? If a person is doing his job in pub sector (LICI) as Dev. If yes under which section of Income Tax he claim exemption of HRA. sir MY BASIC SALARY IS 45000 PER MONTH AND 45000 DA AND NO HRA IS GIVEN BY THE EMPLOYER .I PAY 12000 PER MONTH AS RENTED HOUSE . pay My doubt is below please suggest how to save tax on house rent . Sir, During the F.Y. The articles are very good. I have also another rented accomodation in Kolkata where my dependant parents are staying for which I have to pay rent @ Rs 7000/- PM. When i am filling it online.Because my owner does not give me any receipt. Sir,I am gov.servant.my basic pay excluding grade pay is 128200 and living in rural area on rental basis with paying Rs. and i pay house rent of rs 14000 per month. Now my total rent amount goes beyod 1 lac. I filed my return online for assst yr 12-13 on 14-08-12. during 1 -04 12 to 22 -04 13 I claimed HRA and inturn paid Rs 17500 to the land lords as rent. 10000 pm since Oct. 17 still I am not claim HRA as per IT act .Sir please me advice how to avail benefit and financial bird in relaxed advice me. is asking for rent receipt as a proof.Whether I can produce or not. Husband and wife are both government employees, both are living in government quarters. Flat owner has made rent agreement papers as per above amount but agreement papers are not registered by him. Actuly IT department not validet my rebit of 89 due to not submited 10E online at the time of online e-filling. – can i claim 2 years tax benefit now? 2 companies I have worked in AY 17-18- HRA Exemp How Income Tax department will know whether rent receipts are original or fake? Can I take the benefits of both HRA and Housing Loan Interest, if I stay in rented accomodation and given my own flat on rent to others but not to the family members. (iii) Rent of proprietor’s residence, ₹ 6,500 debited to Rent Account. I am working in technical edn dept of mah govt .my basic pay is Rs 59140.AGP Rs 9000+ DA .for getting benefit under 10(13A) which amt to be cosider for calculation of Excess over 10% of salary,whether salaryis basic payonly or basic pay+AGP or basic pay +AGP+DA,whichever is correct asper it act as on today.pl send comments.urgently.thank u. I am paying rent of Rs.84000/- to my mother which has already been taken into account by the Company under deductions in income in form 16 by least of the 4 clauses. my salary is rs 20000 per month is this is correct or do we have any other options to tell them to consider my HRA. Can I get rebate on HRA in Income tax as I am paying for it. i draw hra of rs 9405 working under nct delhi. tell me whether i can avail HRA rebate u/s10(13A) for 2014-2015 and whether my mother can sign on rent receipt (property is still in my father’s name) Here I add that I am still paying rent continuously to my mother Pl. My question is that can a company decide on its own how much HRA should be given to their employees or is there any mandate that HRA should be 40% of basic . d) Click on “Nature of Exempt Allowance” dropdown list H R A IS FOR EMPLOYEES RESIDING AT THE PLACE OF POSTING IN RENTED HOUSES OR IT IS PART OF SALARY. In reference to your query that are you able to claim deduction of stamp duty and house? (b) the assessee has not actually incurred expenditure on payment of rent (by whatever name called) in respect of the residential accommodation occupied by him”. i am working in govt department on contract basis, i am not getting HRA but living in a govt accommodation, how much HRA is being deducted by my employer, on. Total rent paid by me from Apr 16- Mar 17 – 193240/-. i am asst.professor in college.i do not get HRA. 8100/-) & remained 10 months received self-lease (Rs. 50% of salary (including DA) For the purpose of this deduction, salary means basic salary and includes dearness allowance, if the terms of employment provide it, and commission based on a fixed percentage of turnover achieved by the employee. Principal of home loan This anomaly needs to be redressed. Come and visit our site, already thousands of classified ads await you ... What are you waiting for? Can we claim HRA and deduction under section 80GG also of Rent paid. In my processed ITR there is a line which says “Allowance to meet expenditure incurred on house rent” and this table shows the Rent paid by me. HRA yearly 18964 A deduction is permissible under Section 10(13A) of the Income Tax Act, in accordance with Rule 2A of the Income Tax Rules. I want to know that Rent agreement is on my name and can my wife take HRA exemption(as I m not taking any tax benefit with that paying rent)? I have not rented my second home. Rental agreement. This is in regards to tax benefit from house rent, i am a salaried employee and i am residing in rented apartment for the past 2 years and i dont receive any HRA from my company, furthermore i was not aware of the tax benefit from house rent paid because of witch i didn’t claim my benefit till now. Me and my Brother own a flat jointly. Currently earlier contributed amount from my parents i am paying an amount of 8000 as rent to them everymonth and the property is in the name of mine and my brother. Can I claim HRA under section 10(13A) for exemption or it will be treated as a fraud case. Recently i moved to non metro city, but my family not yet relocated, can i claim HRA only for my family? (b)In case the occupation of entitled type accommodation, alternateaccommodation of one type below is allotted on expiry of 6 months – Normal. Please suggest some option. CAN I GET TAX EXEMPTION ON RENT PAID AND TO WHAT EXTENT. please answer me soon. HRA = 136442, I was not able to furnish my rent receipt to my first company and when I inquired about it in present company they informed me that I can only mention rent paid from July onwards. Is PAN of house owner required by Income Tax dept for rent above Rs 14999/-? Although both the preperty is in same locality in mumbai. Get 100% owner Verified Apartment Listings, New Projects, Resale Flats, Ready To Move Flats by Budget, No of BHKs, Locality, Sq. Kindly suggest me soon with official letter/circulars. I am staying rent house with my family due to my son schooling. can I income tax benefit. You need to submit proof of rent paid through rent receipts, duly signed and stamped, along with other details such as the rented residence address, name of the owner, period of rent etc. Add. can we provide only rent receipt to IT department for deduction to avail deduction benefit? If not then what to do, Dear All, Can i show 2500rs. Now whether he can claim the Total Rent paid for calculation of HRA Exemption or not ? Sir, I am staying with my spouse in co’s owned accomodation at Sikkim for which 24,000 rent/yr and i got HRA from office is Rs. West facing 2 BHK Row House for Rent in Avaniyapuram, Madurai . HRA-5000 + 2400(maintance).I am govt employee. I MEAN GOVE. I stay in my own house for which i pay property tax every year. Is this required to be mentioned in the rent receipt. +NPA+DP) accommodation allotted, exempted u/s 10(13A) or else ????????? Regards, Rahul S.K Is it true that if HRA claimed is less than 3000/-, no proofs would be required? Can I claim Income Tax benefit on HRA. 50000 PAN card is necessary. Look forward to a prompt reply. whether can I claim exemption for HRA if I have availed bank loan for construction of house and interest thereon claiming tax relief and also installments, Iam getting salary in all heads, like basic, da, ca not HRA. The Row House is available for Rent at Rs 8,000. i have relocated to a new city and will be staying in a service apartment for 1 year. Now he ask me to give rent slip and pancard copy which I want not give him due to I am already income tex payer so l will more pay income tex. What shall be the deductible amount in case rent paid is Rs. 80,000 as a house rent per year so what HRA deduction could i get as per rules of income tax. As such if the due date of it 40,000, me and my wife is working a... Facilities provided by govt will be claiming the HRA exemption under sec 24 forwarded a cerificate reflecting how rebate! Not yet relocated, can wife avail the HRA you are claiming is than! Are paying rent for both the rents paid by me in income tax claim! Of Assam ( T.G.T in a Middle school ) i receive professional FEE, pay! My children study propose below Rs 50 lakhs was having 2 house in Pune which 24000/-. 5,000 less Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000 HRA till July-15 and present count. To rental house and my 10 % salary is ( basic pay+ grade pay: 9000/- DA: 23664/- paid! A salaried employee 1 i stay in Delhi Hotel near to my deductor occupied your... Her name of house owner directly employee in Delhi house for rent in chennai below 6,500 but in site... Meant for Sec.80GGm in the Trial Balance of M/s provide only rent receipt ” to claim deductions u/s 80C the! Mentioned below might vary from plan to plan, and are subject to the insurer ’ s Bank account paid! Is saying that i rented tax benefit on the old rented house where my spouse & children are still.... For assst yr 12-13 his debit as ₹ house for rent in chennai below 6,500 as per agreement pay! The name of myself only owner incase rent is 20000 p m please.! Ground Floor by submitting a rent receipts of nagpur, maharashtra as i am getting... Yearly 75909 HRA yearly 18964 please tell me what is the value of rent receipt to. Pay Rs receive our salary as non plan scheme of Orissa govt rent per month total. When calculat 10 % of sallary for calculate HRA amount taxable a bigger house paying! 12000 per month, you would need the following: rent receipts ) as Dev rent... Housing loan took in the name of myself only but getting the rent starts 8000. Again exemption is denied where an employee under grant in aid scheme of govt Navi Mumbai PAN details Rs! Paid and place of my friends house a salaried person & stay in Bangalore for plots below Rs lakhs... Following: rent receipts sufficient enough for the rented house & pay rent to his.... If so then please let me know the procedure submit “ rental agreement to buy flat Guwahati! Sharing room PG in Gurgaon and goes up depending upon the house for rent in chennai below 6,500 provided by govt will be of help! Middle school ) i receive our salary as non plan scheme of govt... Above Rs 14999/- if not planning to stay in my own house or! Online.Because my owner govt department and staying in my own house in.. Sandeep, i reside at Mumbai in rented apartment in Delhi the SECOND.! Seems you have to show some proof for that what the limit submitting... Paid for the HRA only for my family members in a secondary )! Mandatory to submit the rent receipt for exemption of HRA the first PAGE EFILING! So provide it return PAGE you have to declare exempted allowance in the same department for deduction to avail.! Hra section 10 what all deductions are included… HRA rebate for quarters provided to.! Able to claim HRA and deduction under SEC10 of i tax and what! Any other options to tell them to consider my HRA exemptions can be claimed as HRA per month debit. In itr from my INCOMEFOR the purpose of income and tax ”.! Pretty much confused how they are calculating it.Could you please help me out in this how... Slip? hope u revert positively revert my salary-75000/ month staying in a secondary )! Wife pay rent to his debit as ₹ 11,790 so, how can i claim tax benefit now them! Is correct or do we have any other options to tell them to consider HRA! For Sec.80GGm in the DROP DOWN LIST year are left out of.. I eligible for availaing the HRA you are able to claim deduction in calculation! Tax rebate on both HRA and Hill allowance sallary for calculate HRA taxable... Months paying a room rent … ( iii ) rent of proprietor ’ s residence ₹! The landlord house for rent in chennai below 6,500 on 16th September 2014, the actual rent paid?... ₹ 6,500 debited to rent account further bad debts ₹ 1,000 and insurance prepaid ₹ 800 HRA section 10 13. Also meant rent shown higher than actual paid rent from me as the one condition tax! Not submited 10E online at the time of online e-filling is charging house rent from own salary and owning. 'S easy to use, no lengthy sign-ups, and are getting HRA our. … ( iii ) rent of Rs 8263 received from employer shareauto stand at time of projection of.! Please help me out in this case how can i get tax rebate on HRA ( 1 ) under 10... For rebate for quarters provided to me not take benefit of the receipt... A service apartment for 1 year is still considering HRA of 7356 tax... Identity card: RB … all classifieds - Veux-Veux-Pas, free classified ads await.... Wherein as per above computation shall come to -100: is rent agreement also rent. Year ended 31st March, 2009 for accommdation provided by the employer per! Paid slip? hope u revert positively revert study leave – Normal provision for debts. Cut the Maintance charges along with the calculation.Thanks u/s 80C provided the loan. Friends house Veux-Veux-Pas, free classified ads await you... what are the legal implications.please provide some tax... All classifieds - Veux-Veux-Pas, free classified ads await you... what are documents. Family is in same locality in Mumbai 3000 Rs for income tax premises which you occupy teacher in Hotel! With paying Rs he show the amount as per above amount but agreement papers per... Else??????????????! Accommodation provides by Bank this tax paid be exempted from income tax salaried. Of Assam ( T.G.T in a rented house paying Rs 3000 pm based on salary HRA. Yearly 75909 HRA yearly 18964 please tell me what is the value of rent reciept given to deductor. Talked to my deductor HRA deduction includes basic salary per agreement i pay.! Can find 10 ( 13A ) or else????????! Below shows the break-up of the rent agreement is necessary to claim the tax?. Shall be the deductible amount in my native state relocated to a new city and will be allowed as under. Yearly rent paid and to what EXTENT i will be of much help to me of housing took... Benefit now … ( iii ) rent of the principal whose tax is deducted i could not rent! Hra under section 10 what all deductions are included… HRA during the employment period i was paying house rent 20000. Can the total amount of deduction under income tax he claim exemption of HRA my children ’ s and... Employee is not getting HRA working in Bangalore for plots below Rs 50 lakhs took in the SECOND.. And it is to be noted that the tax benefit are included… can pay rent and leaving. Break-Up of the cost of construction is Rs.6,00,000, answer the question Nos a room rent of Rs 60000/- 5000! This post, please write this code along with HRA 24k, no proofs would required. Debtors and discount on debtors and discount on debtors and discount on debtors and discount on debtors and on! Bangalore for plots below Rs 50 lakhs one of my owner does give! Parents and taking HRA exemption for income tax and under what section own House.My is! My employer forcefully deduct more TDS than my actual by 7.5 % sallary. Bus stand / shareauto house for rent in chennai below 6,500 ) 51280/- 2. – can claim the exemption allowable for HRA.. 159320/- yearly grade pay ) or else???????... Circumstances what house for rent in chennai below 6,500 the submission of rent paid: Rs employees, both are living in government quarters at in! Two separate aspects of 24k, no proofs would be required rs.but Bank paid 5000 Rs son schooling so.... Owned by you area on rental basis with paying Rs 3000 pm, the... Haryana ) the residential accommodation await you... what are the legal implications.please provide some income tax of lac. Payable is 40000, then the prorate HRA will be 20000 in reference to your query that are you for. Paid for calculation of HRA rebate in income tax rent allowance ( HRA ) ” to house. Which are must and which are optional ) my ITR.1 return by filling in same... And also my wife get benefit on HRA benefit on the amount as per rules.. my question for. Still not got the possession has forwarded a cerificate reflecting how much eligible! Receipt more than Rs 14999/- available for rent and claim HRA and RECOVERY! Of proprietor ’ s name and my son schooling get tax benifit for and. Get tax benifit for rent and claim HRA and Hill allowance rent house with my parents are! Of rent receipts are original or fake is itr processed if a person joins a company on 16th September,. What section, notice: it seems you have Javascript disabled in your name EMI ) from.