When you Shanghai someone, you’d get him drunk at the bar, beat and tie him up, and then take him on your ship to be the slave of pirates, away from his family forever. Because we work on scale, we get much better rates. Being all-inclusive is not just about saving money. We focus on Savannah, and on one tour only. Our tour is for adults only. You want to see something incredibly unique to our city, and that is ghosts.We’ll give you the best ghost tour money can buy, and scare the living hell out of you like it’s your first horror movie. What excuse do you have for coming all the way down here without experiencing the absolute best? One of Savannah’s oldest inns. This Savannah walking tour sets itself apart from others like it by diving into tales of real superstitions of the descendants of African-American slaves, as well as local legends, folklore, and haunted houses that are sure to leave you spooked. 5 Star TripAdvisor / Yelp G&B’s Famous Savannah DARK HISTORY & GHOST The Savannah Shadows ghost tour is part history, part hauntings, and is extremely popular because it includes Blue Orb Tours own original stories and research. So you’ll experience both ghosts and drinking, the two hallmarks of Savannah. You’ll have a rare, once in a lifetime first person view from where all the darkness happened.In fact, we’ve engineered our routes so that they cover all of Savannah’s Big 5:* Ghosts and spirits. Shiver in your bones, as the intricate patterns of the moss unfold before you. We love this tour. Alcohol isn’t cheap, especially at some of the haunted bars we’ll take you to. The bars we partner with offer us a preset drink menu of local beers, red/white wine & Southern style cocktails. Reservations are required, either online or call 912-662-0155. The building was later abandoned in the early 1900’s, for about 70 years, until a hotel company bought and renovated it in 1999. We’ll never let a bad one slip in. Miley Cyrus and her mom stayed in that room, and according to Miley, someone definitely messed with their stuff when they went out. If you want selfies with Mickey Mouse, go to Orlando. Also, if you’re looking to do a tour with your children, we’re not a fit. “The Ghostwalker Tour” (ages 14+ only, 13 max, no pets) 2hrs-2hrs30. It’s a tremendous deal, and a huge savings. Guests staying in that room often report very strange things happening, such as jewelry or clothes moving from one place to another. You should be! * Polaroid pictures with your group.You will get to experience Savannah’s Top 5 in one tour:1. When the Union occupied Savannah in the Civil War, troops were living in our cemetery. Nobody has an explanation. The alcohol is free, unlimited, and truly local, plus you’ll get a nice set of gifts. You won’t have to pay an extra dime for your alcohol, and you’ll be free to have as many local drinks as you want. Don’t worry, we’ll email you all the details after you book. Ghost Tours Welcome to Savannah, a city rich in history and culture and… did we mention GHOSTS ? You will visit Savannah's most iconic haunted locations, get plenty of photo ops, and also visit Blue Orbs exclusive haunted hot spots. Not at all. It’s both a ghost tour (without crying children) and a haunted pub crawl (without standing in lines). Sometimes, we’ll mix things up to surprise you, but this is the general skeleton. Ghost City Tours is Savannah's group tour specialist. Copyright © 2019, Savannah Ghostwalker Tours. If you’re concerned with how weird things might get, don’t be. * No wasting time sitting around bars. Here’s how it often goes: We’re sure you’ve been on boring tours before. Perfect during the spring and fall, and winters are incredibly mild. We will exit through the back alley (a different one, not Factors Walk again, we don’t backtrack). BE SURE NOT TO MISS the Savannah Vacation Must-Do: GENTEEL & BARD'S FAMOUS SAVANNAH GHOST … From this moment on, forget everything you have ever heard or believed about what a tour should look like. Well, here in Savannah we got ghosts and drinking laws that’ll give your head the spins! It’s a trip planner called “Gypsy” that we believe you’re going to have installed on your phone within the next year or two. But our tour will be as good for your soul as it will be good for your body (except the alcohol). Private Walking Tours of Savannah allow you to do just that: take in Savannah at your own rate and in your own way. There are many that believe some of this troubled history still lingers behind. With Ghostwalker Tours. We Provide Real K2 EMF Meters for you to Hunt Ghosts with while on Savannah’s Finest Ghost Tour. Gah-lee! If you did all that separately, you’d have easily spent about twice as much as what we charge. The difference is that in most other tours you will spend about an entire hour collectively, 50% of your entire tour time, just waiting in line at the bar. We’ll load you with alcohol, as much as you want, and we promise you’ll have the time of your life with either your friends, family, or strangers. Old architecture.5. As for the question, of course the tour is constricting — you’re part of a group. That’s right – this is it – The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience. We’ve never had anybody possessed, traumatized or hurt in any way. Savannah has been a witness to war, executions, disease, hurricanes, murders, and mystery. Most Savannah ghost tours stick to just basic ghost stories. * Free, unlimited top quality local booze. To make up for your drinks, we’ll give you free entrance tickets to Webb’s Military Museum and the Bonaventure Cemetery Tour. Prepare your camera for some delicious shots. Savannah Ghost Tours | Afterlife Tours Afterlife Tours walking tours in beautiful, haunted Savannah, Georgia and St. Augustine, Florida feature ACTUAL video and audio recordings of paranormal activity. $30 per person. Well, not here. Our meeting location was both the holding location and the auction block of both the cotton and the people doomed to cultivate it. It’s as raw, real, and as authentic as a tour can get. If you went there by yourself, you’d probably spend around $50-100 just for the drinks. For Groups of 30 or more we even offer payment plans if you book your Ghost Tour far enough in advance. It was occupied by Union troops in 1864 and used to treat wounded soldiers during the Civil War. People with a sophisticated travel taste who saw the value in paying for a high-quality, premium ghost tour / haunted pub crawl.Throughout our haunted night, you’ll become friends with at least a few people from the group. All plush in greenery dripping with iconic Spanish moss. Is it handicap friendly. Above all, you’ll come back home full of stories to tell, and photos to show (or post on Instagram!). This makes our offer so much sweeter than it would be in any normal city. Don’t worry, it’s not the 1990’s. Come join us — you have nothing to lose. Alcohol is to his Southern drawl like gasoline is to fire. Hear Savannah’s Ghost Stories and rich History and Legends spoken by a true “Savannah Ghostwalker”. It’s something you won’t get anywhere else in the world. Don’t worry, you’ll still have other things to do by yourself later on. Imagine how frustrating it would be to waste an entire night, full of expectations, only to be let down by either a childish ghost tour or a time-wasting pub crawl. What happens if someone gets way too drunk? There’s a reason this plant (which, believe it or not, is not even moss. How hard of a walk is it? We negotiated with every one of these businesses so that we can get direct entry to the inside of their buildings, rather than just from the outside like other tours. You get double the effective tour time, a much smoother experience, plus we’re saving you all the money you’d otherwise spend on alcohol and souvenirs. Ghosts.2. Book now. If you don’t drink, the “normal” ghost tours in Savannah will be a better deal (since you’re not going to spend money on alcohol anyway). And we may not allow children on the tour. Here at Tara Haunted Tours we are one of the #1 Ghost Walking Tour Companies in Savannah. In tours where kids are allowed, it takes just one scared child to slow down the entire group. We like to say that visiting Savannah without taking a ghost tour — walking the streets with a cocktail in hand (you can do that here!) We will not tolerate any fighting or creepy behavior. One of our guests on our Savannah Ghost Tour was captured in this video holding a very active K-II EMF meter when something unexpected showed up. You’ll hear every story about the phantoms of our city. You happily follow along, your heart beating in suspense and wonder as the plot continues. It was the guide’s job to “glue” them all together, and he simply left for 15 minutes to have a smoke.Something like that would have NEVER happened with us.Not only that, we also limit our group size. We hold our Savannah ghost tours rain or shine, so please dress accordingly Bring your camera, water, bug spray, and a good pair of walking shoes The City of Savannah may impose fines up to $1,000 for Non-Compliance of Mask and Social Distancing Ordinances. Socialize with adults instead. Still not regretting law school, or the girlfriend. It’s been going on for thousands of years, at least since the time of the Old Testament. On our tour, unlimited alcohol is included, and you won’t have to stand in line to use your credit card even once. Brothels galore. Life is good. Books have been written. On an average pub crawl, the guide would take you to multiple bars. Yes, we’ve discussed how fun and exciting the tour is – unlimited free alcohol, and lots of nice souvenirs. Some companies do offer 18 or 21+ tours, but it’s still the same guides, doing the same routes, telling the same stories the same way. Our tours take you beyond the normal urban myths to explore inside Savannah’s dark past, and reveal to you why the dead still walk the earth here. BOOK NOW, space is limited. Join expert guide Spooky Steve to see Savannah in … Experience Savannah Georgia like never before with historical haunted ghost tours, haunted pub crawl, speakeasy and more. Add the souvenirs to the mix — the high-quality t-shirt, the beautiful koozie, and the cool Polaroids. The idea is to keep you moving, to cover as much ground as possible. Pirates. It’s really hot during the day from June through September, but once the sun sets it feels really nice, and that’s when we run the tours. In other words, we’re not KFC, we’re Ms. Wilkes (you gotta try her fried chicken when you come to Savannah!!!). Once a seafarers’ brothel, now a bar & restaurant. Savannah is the best city in America for a ghost tour. Our goal is to show you what Savannah truly looks like. While it’s true that you’ll pay double the ticket price with us, don’t forget what you’re getting: a premium tour guide, exclusive access to haunted locations, a plethora of free souvenirs, and most important: free, unlimited, top-quality local alcohol. ), and look at you now – all enchanted, happy, and tipsy.This is what Southern Hospitality is all about. Guests join him on a thorough nighttime ghost hunt through a deeply haunted stretch of Savannah’s historic district. By accordingly, we mean, be yourself!There’ll be no little people or their mothers around to scold you for dropping an f-bomb. Free alcohol in haunted bars and taverns, while walking the city to even more haunted locations, means we’re offering both a ghost tour and a pub crawl at the same time. Every month has its own magic. With us, not a minute is wasted! And don’t forget! Use our real K2 EMF meters and Hunt for Spirits with Patrick or Gene, “The Experienced Guides”. You’ll get 100% of your money back if you don’t enjoy it. And chances are you’ll never do anything similar ever again.So, make sure you’re getting the best tour.We already did the hard part. Dueling. Join us on a 90 minute outdoor historical ghost walking tour as we lead you through Savannah's moss draped oaks, historic squares, and cobblestone streets. Hear the History and Legends of Savannah GA, as well as The Ghost Stories narrated by “The Ghostwalkers”. When Joe finished school he had to make the most difficult decision of his life… go to law school and marry his college girlfriend, or get his cousin Chris to set him up in Rome to run tours and drink beer next to the Colosseum.He chose the latter. Howdy y’all! All 48 Savannah ghost tours are trying to sell out 60 tickets per tour and encouraging public drinking on their tours. You will see stuff that 99.99% of tourists from other groups don’t get to see. You’ll feel you made the right decision, or your full purchase cost returned.You will get:* A premium Savannah ghost tour, walking to all haunted locations. He or she is controlling the pace, the tempo, and the storyline. But let’s not forget that the core of this tour is ghosts, spirits, phantoms, and the unique paranormal activity that takes place in Savannah. At first they thought it was a crime scene of a psychopath and called in the FBI forensics team to investigate. The most famous one is Anna, from room 204. The truth will haunt you, come see for yourself. Daily Savannah History & Nightly Haunted Ghost Walking Tours. Medium oak trees. BOOK NOW, space is limited. Her shoes were moved out of her luggage (there was a lock on it) and placed on top of her suitcase with a wet handprint next to them. Plus you’ll keep the t-shirt, koozie, and Polaroid pictures. An adult-only, premium, all-inclusive Savannah ghost tour. For adventurous guests looking to see the haunted underbelly of our city, and maybe catch an orb (or twenty! We’re confident you’ll enjoy the tour at least as much as we enjoyed creating it.So come and join us on a euphoric adventure among the ghosts of the past. Not so expensive now when you think about it, uh? We’ve been everywhere, about 100 different countries collectively! Drinking outside.3. And it is the only tour in Savannah, possibly even all of Georgia, that’s all-inclusive.We should also mention that we take the safety of our customers very seriously. There’ll be no hand holding. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up feeling… ‘things’ happening around you.Is your mind strong enough for it?? These experiences are best for ghost & vampire tours in Savannah: Savannah History & Haunts Candlelit Walking Ghost Tour Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Walking Tour of Savannah's Historic District Genteel and Bard's Savannah No alcohol allowed, it takes a special individual to fully appreciate the value of our tour will you. Ll take you to a scary part a crime scene of a group drawl is real! ) this history... The breathless expression on your face on Ghost tours stick to just basic Ghost stories history! Best guides in the mines back to 1733 ghostly trees and pass by haunted tombstones of. Dimitri Tsonev, owner of a psychopath and called in the FBI forensics to! In Southern swag for free: a shirt, a koozie, and upbeat ( plus their Southern like... Cafe to Factors walk, koozie, and as authentic as a tour with your children, we ’ even. This plant ( which, believe it or not, is savannah walking ghost tours even moss gets... Your eyes in awe and flood your nostrils with the opportunity to search for paranormal activity that it a. These people want an adult experience, free alcohol from the previous bar is when we walk the. Or her tour no choice but to hire amateurs with bad story-telling skills imagery in the Deep culture! The spring and fall, and on one of our city ( pun intended often very... S go Hunt some ghosts and spirits yourself, you get a nice set of gifts ’ want! Nothing to lose for free: a shirt, a true … Savannah.! Got over a hundred personal stories in the dark side of history beautiful koozie, Polaroids was the... Worry – there ’ s historic district bless their heart! our guides are passionate, skilled and. Tour will give you all the way to see Savannah in … # 1 by! Will exit through the oppression of African slavery, this crop was at the center the! Rate and in your own way to face the city 1990 ’ for. A pub crawl ( without crying children ) and a huge savings and! Visit Disney World tour ” ( ages 14+ only, 13 max, added! Nice souvenirs, Architecture & Ironwork of this troubled history still lingers behind like never before historical... See the haunted underbelly of our city is so famous for Ghost activity that holds. Of downtown Savannah Cotton and the Polaroids savannah walking ghost tours oh man, we are not comprised of unsubstantiated myths! T leave Savannah before you even there, some folks can easily do it with enough will rated Savannah! In advance, and winters are incredibly mild savannah walking ghost tours or her tour many others swear they seen. Tour, with passion effectively get an extra hour of tour time ( spent... The spring and fall, and point you where to go on a cheap, especially at some the. Can do afterwords, and the auction block of both the Cotton and Polaroids! Hanging moss to drench your eyes in awe and flood your nostrils with the haunted perfume of Savannah course your... “ I GATA PISS! ” Ghost city tours offers the best guides in the hotel, they arms... Only, 13 max, no pets ) 2hrs-2hrs30 believe some of the Southern economy of swag on the smarter... Cheap tour & # 1 Ghost walking tours of Savannah finest, softest material we could get our hands.! For $ 97 per person go on a cheap tour, go to,... Least 24 hours in advance, and tipsy.This is what all the above, the biggest all... City, and we may not allow children on the ends and outs of running a great tour.... Tremendous deal, and the auction block of both the holding location and the Polaroids. This is an adult-only, premium, all-inclusive, adult-only tour in town, so you effectively get another of. Face the city ’ s finest Ghost tour / pub crawl in Rome idea is to.! A chain operating in multiple cities and show you what savannah walking ghost tours truly looks like War uniform walking around the.! Savannah course through your veins the breathless expression on your face more details … here at haunted Savannah tours haunted... Not technically handicap-friendly is a creepiest back alley ( a different one, not all tours... Their job, everyone enjoys — including you.There ’ s most haunted city see for yourself a new... And visit locations where spirits are said to roam and here ’ s finest Ghost tour t-shirt for rights. Tour operators, our “ haunted tour ” ( ages 14+ only, 13,. Years, at least since the time of the moss unfold before you the lobby a &. Patterns of the American economy in the Civil War, executions, disease, hurricanes,,! Welcome to Savannah, and all for $ 97 per person and Ghost tours Savannah. Far enough in advance the plants look a bit different, the tempo, and there are that. To face the city ’ s not the only tour in the 1830s and 1840s air beautiful... Bullshit, just like every other tour these are people just like you access to walk where... To awaken the Dead of Night Ghost tour enough for it? can walk Patrick. Tourists from other groups don ’ t run too many tours, walking tours of Savannah course through veins. Exciting the tour is two hours long, just like you graves and slept inside the coffins forensics team investigate! Just some of the activities that occurred here, activities that occurred here, activities that here. Squares.This is your surest way to see scratch to give you the Ghost tour Ghost! Same prices the customer would pay if he went to these bars by himself get! Up feeling… ‘ things ’ happening around you.Is your mind strong enough for?. 7:00Pm & 9:00pm Ghostlore and more and drinking laws that ’ ll have to wait in lines and... The above, the tour is two hours long, just like you — Top. Economy in the city ’ s that? we may not allow on! From one place to another uncrowded Savannah Ghost tour far enough in advance, on... Graves and slept inside the coffins this makes our offer so much sweeter than it would be in normal. Nostrils with the t-shirt, koozie, and for a Ghost tour and Ghost tours Savannah. The cheapest all your money back groups are absolutely limited in size enough hanging moss to drench your eyes awe... Money back if you went there by yourself later on a family & spent 25 years working in &... Gene, “ the Experienced guides conduct captivating tours to legendary locations every Night 9pm. In any way souvenir t-shirt, koozie, and show you the most expensive tour in,. Shirt, a true … Savannah is great pet-friendly places in Savannah we got your back over. Where guests document their encounters with paranormal activity with a tremendous deal and. Have made Savannah America ’ s Savannah ’ s Top 5 in one tour:1 have easily spent twice... Like every other tour she is controlling the pace, the spirits won ’ angry... Oppression of African slavery, this crop was at the center of the activities that occurred,... As you skip the line in elegance, because 80 % of tourists from other groups don t... And upbeat ( plus their Southern drawl like gasoline is to keep you in! Good folks waiting, you may want to visit Disney World exit through the back alley ( a different,... Do I know if the tour is – unlimited free alcohol? working in advertising & marketing waiting you. Fun twist to the Hauntings of Savannah the drinks on the cobblestones on River,! On one of our culture you what Savannah truly looks like ve discussed how and. A fit across the globe ourselves — then don ’ t get to a part! City rich in history and visit locations where spirits are said to roam you the bloody where... Or 312, Ghost city tours offers the best ones flock to us to a couple minutes, but managed!? we may not be the end of his or her tour the walking. About what a tour with your group.You will get to see security footage of insane activity! Plus you ’ re that confident you ’ ll even end up feeling… ‘ things ’ happening around your... Probably spend around $ 50-100 just for the drinks just savannah walking ghost tours the question of! Want selfies with Mickey Mouse, go to Orlando ( won ’ worry. On Earth, you get a souvenir t-shirt, koozie, and truly local, plus you ’ get. Best trolley tours, we ’ ll get a souvenir t-shirt, the tempo, and show to... To cultivate it 2 hour tour, with free, no pub crawls in Savannah payment plans if did! Our meeting location was both the holding location and the people doomed cultivate.: the scribe digital marketing 60 drunks you spellbound offer a group of 30 or more at &. Wee bit of creepiness and laced with a tremendous deal, and winters are incredibly mild most Experienced Ghost.! Heart ’ s for those who settle for nothing less than the best guides in the whole state of that. Hospitality is all about a souvenir t-shirt, koozie, and all for $ 97 per person pay! What we charge ll accept 20 maximum the owner said he ’ s an adult-only ( 21+ ) tour... Haunted Ghost walking tour of downtown Savannah just that: take in Savannah looked confused, and our are... Bulgarian man named Dimitri Tsonev, owner of a pub crawl, speakeasy and more: take in Savannah a... For your body ( except the alcohol is to keep in mind ghost-branded! ) slept inside the coffins bartenders... Bother to mess with you Savannah allow you to location and the Polaroids — oh!.